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Be our VIP special guest for an exclusive tour of HQ and choose up to 6 animal residents to engage with for a more intimate encounter.


The sanctuary is based in an old school that also was a church on Sundays for the villages in the 1800’s. These days it is an animal sanctuary for over 100 rescue animals including over 30 different species. You can choose to see a range of mammals and reptiles that live here as part of the family. Maybe you want to cuddle a chinchilla, feed a room full of guinea pigs, get up and close to lizards or feed some meerkats?

PLEASE NOTE: The sanctuary can be a noisy space with some of the noisier (sometimes screaming) parrots and with over 100+ rescue animals living here there will obviously been many animal smells so children who may struggle with sensory issues could find it too much.

PLEASE NOTE: The visits here are for animal lovers to enjoy an intimate animal handling experience. All children under 18 must be accompanied by a paying adult whether they are intending to participate or not. We do not offer free spaces for accompanying adults or relatives as we do not have the space for this and this is strictly to raise money to help the animals at the sanctuary.

£95 for 2 people

£165 for 4 people

Age restriction for ages 5+

Allow up to 90 minutes for the visit

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