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  The animal everyone has an opinion on   

There are more than 3,000 species of snakes on the planet and roughly 600 of those are venomous, and only a small percentage of those are fatal to humans.

You will be happy to know that all of our snakes are non venomous or harmful to humans and the 2 species that we have here at the sanctuary are known for their calmness and ability to be handled safely. Snakes are the animal that is always expected at an animal party so even if you are fearful remember your guests may be disappointed not to see a one.

 Are SNAKES suitable for your encounter? 


Happy to be held and stroked.


Suitable for all ages and capabilities


Suitable for all group sizes agreed beforehand by us


Suitable for indoor and outdoor events (in the warmer months)




Pretty girl Mavis is a Corn Snake who come to live at HQ in 2016. Her previous owner was elderly and needed to downsize and so she asked us if we would offer her a forever home. She is large for a Corn snake and more active than the relaxed Royal Pythons but she is extremely friendly and very happy to be held.

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We offer adoption + sponsor packs for each of our Snakes along with all of our rescue animals giving you an amazing way of supporting their life here at HQ.
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