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VISIT the 

Animal Sanctuary

  Visit our amazing rescue animals in their own home here at the sanctuary.

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Our Amazing Animal World is a small animal sanctuary run by ourselves, Mark & Jerry. HQ is a unique creation run from our home which is a 19th century school/church building homing 100+ rescue animals of all different shapes and sizes. Each of these amazing souls live as part of our weird and wonderful family and there are some truly unique characters.

We are in West Sussex in a village called Scaynes Hill - RH17 7NY


Due to the building being very old (and relatively packed with animals) there is sadly not suitable room for wheelchairs. We hope to open a centre one day that can be all inclusive but we currently need to work with what we have.

These encounters are for adults and children!


Please respect the age guides we have put in place. We currently have an age restriction of 5+

Click on the image below to be taken to further information on that package.

Arachnophobia, a tarantula spider climbed onto a girl's hand, a tarantula bite, a funny, b

 ages: 7+ 


The meerkat or suricate is a small carnivoran belonging to the mongoose family. Meerkats l

 ages: 7+ 


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 ages: 5+

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What People Say... 

Visited the HQ this morning and had an amazing time. Mark is such an inspiration. Him and Jerry have created a warm, caring and loving home for the 100+ mammals/reptiles they have rescued. We were in awe of the knowledge Mark had of them and their stories, some heartbreaking of where each one had come from. Feel privileged to have been to see them and their individual homes. Thank you Mark. Will be supporting you in the future.

 Carolyn Bassindale 


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