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Our Amazing Animal World is first + foremost a sanctuary for unloved and unwanted animals that have found themselves in a position where they need a forever home.


  we are a unique self-funded sanctuary homing over 100 rescue animal which come from a variety of backgrounds  

We currently home over 100 rescue animals and each of these live with us as part of our family in our home in West Sussex. 


We began the Sanctuary in 2015 when it became clear to us that so many animals were being abandoned for lots of different reasons and wanted to help them all but obviously this is impossible so we started opening our doors to those that we felt we could really help.


We felt that the young animals and those who were victims of people just becoming tired of them would easily find new homes so what we wanted to focus on were those who had been abused, mis-treated and those with mental and physical disorders.

To date we have rescued over 300 animals and make sure they are living their best life with us.


 Day to Day Care 

The day to day running of the sanctuary is a job in itself. We start the day feeding the animals, checking each one to make sure there are no new health issues and looking at areas such as eyes, ears, nails and teeth. Next is enclosure cleaning which takes up a lot of each day especially for those living in groups and the more messy animals such as rats, ferrets and rabbits.


One area we concentrate on everyday is enrichment as this is extremely important with animals that live in captivity. Animals are usually very intelligent and can become bored or depressed if they are left without ways to enrich their day and keep their minds and bodies active.


We have all probably seen sad animals pacing enclosures in zoos where they are bored and depressed so we come up with lots of ideas to keep our animals engaged and full of life.

We have various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TickTock where we show lots of photos and videos of the day to day life here at the sanctuary and the 100+ characters we are lucky enough to call our family.

 homing your animal? 


We are non judgemental and would prefer people surrender their animals with no repercussions than dump them somewhere or place in an unsuitable environment. If we cannot offer a forever home here with us we are always willing to try and find the perfect home somewhere for each animal.


The sanctuary costs thousands every month to run so all help is hugely appreciated. We always need fresh straw, hay, animal food and blankets. We do have an amazon Wishlist and a CrowdFunding page. You can look at ways to help using the following link:



We have recently started to offer the unique opportunity to visit HQ for sessions with the animals. To read more about how to book a session click the button below:

  other areas of interest  

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