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  amazing creatures that are always familiar to everyone 

Rabbits are ultimately prey animals and so very often misunderstood as aggressive or anti social. They like to keep all their paws on the ground as this makes them feel safe, however many children like to scoop them up like teddy bears which can make them feel scared and unsafe with their legs dangling and tummy exposed. We want our rabbits to feel safe and secure so we keep their paws on the floor or a blanket at all times.

 Are RABBITS suitable for your encounter? 


Happy to be stroked on a blanket or fed food which we supply


Suitable for all ages and capabilities.


Suitable for all group sizes agreed beforehand by us.


Suitable for indoor and outdoor events (in the warmer months)

Albert rabbit animal party.jpg



Handsome Albert came to live with us in 2019 after spending a significant amount of time at a local rescue centre. He was extremely unsociable, fearful of most people and especially any close interaction. Over the time he is a completely different character who now loves attention and full interaction. He isn't always one for sitting still and prefers to explore his surroundings.

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We offer adoption + sponsor packs for each of our Rabbits along with all of our rescue animals giving you an amazing way of supporting their life here at HQ.
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