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  Unique looking lizard with a striking tongue!  

Blue-tongued skinks are large lizards with short legs, a short tail, a bright blue tongue and a pink mouth. Their very noticeable tongue is how they got their name.

In the wild, blue-tongued lizards are found in Australia and New Guinea. They live in places like grassy areas, deserts, or in the woods where there are a lot of dead leaves on the ground. This helps them blend in with their environment. They snooze under rocks, leaves, or in logs.

 Are SKINKS suitable for your encounter? 


Usually happy to be stroked and held


Suitable for all ages and capabilities


Suitable for all group sizes agreed beforehand by us


Suitable for indoor and outdoor events (in the warmer months)

Barry the Blue Tongue Skink.jpg



Barry is a Blue Tongued Skink which are an unusual lizard usually found in Australia. He has a very impressive big blue tongue which he loves to show off.


He's a calm, affectionate boy who likes to sit on a calm lap or sometimes climb up into a welcoming hood.

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We offer adoption + sponsor packs for our Blue Tongue Skink along with all of our rescue animals giving you an amazing way of supporting their life here at HQ.
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