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 skinny pigs 

  These unusual looking GUINEA PIGS are cute and unique 

Most people have seen a Guinea Pig but Skinny Pigs are an almost hairless breed which look and feel much different!

Likened to baby hippos in appearance these unique animals are definitely one of our Marmite breeds that are either loved or... well we think everyone loves them eventually. These affectionate characters love sitting on your lap and being fed various leaves and vegetables that we supply. 

 Are SKINNY PIGS suitable for your encounter? 


Happy to be stroked on a blanket or fed food which we supply


Suitable for all ages and capabilities


Suitable for all group sizes agreed beforehand by us.


Suitable for indoor and outdoor events (in the warmer months)

Skinny Pig Wilma.jpg



Wilma came to live with us in 2020 with her sister Whoopi after their owner no longer had the time needed for them. She is a very happy girl and we think probably our greediest Skinny pig! She is extremely food orientated so will happily sit on an inviting lap and eat vegetables while being stroked.

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skunk handling3.jpg



We offer adoption + sponsor packs for each of our Skinny Pigs along with all of our rescue animals giving you an amazing way of supporting their life here at HQ.
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