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OUR ANIMALS need to feel safe so us as handlers are a huge part of their life.

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Born and raised in Holland  Jerry moved to the UK in 2009 where he carried on a successful career in teaching. Awarded an 'outstanding' from Ofsted for his continued work in 'Special Needs Education'. Jerry has many years of experience working with emotional, social, learning and behaviour difficulties.


Jerry juggles his time between animal encounters and managing the business side of things making sure everything runs smoothly. 

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Fully trained & certified teacher

Fully DBS Checked

Trained/Certified First Aider

Fully Insured

Trained in Safe Guarding

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Born and raised in Kent - our animal man Mark moved to London in his 20's and worked for many years as an award winning Graphic Designer. In his 30's he explored Europe and settled for ​a number of years in Holland where he met Jerry. While working in design he never lost his love for animals and in 2015 made the jump from behind the computer into full time animal care.

Mark works closest with our animals and especially those who have had severely upsetting backgrounds. 


Fully DBS Checked

Trained/Certified First Aider

Fully Insured

Trained in Safe Guarding

Years of voluntary work with Mencap working closely with children & adults with severe physical disabilities.

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Naye is our son and he has an amazing relationship with all of the animals. 

Naye has always loved animals and is happiest cuddled up with a group of rats or ferrets. He loves taking care of many of the animals here and has many responsibilities. Naye loves to help people overcome their fears of rats.


  other areas of interest  

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