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  A nifty little lizard!  

Ackie or Spiny Tailed monitors are long and little ground dwelling monitor lizards found in the Northern and North West territories of Australia.

They are normally found in gaps between rocks and with low energy levels they are often spotted waiting in ambush for prey. In the day time they generally move between taller basking spots and warm shaded areas picking up whatever prey they might find on the way. The most common of which include beetles, cockroaches, small lizards and mammals.

 Are ACKIES suitable for your encounter? 


Usually happy to be stroked and held


Suitable for ages 7+


Suitable for all group sizes agreed beforehand by us


Suitable for indoor

Ackie Monitor Lizard reptile party.jpg



Arthur came to live at HQ in 2017. His previous owner no longer had the time or space for him and who needed a forever home for him.


Cute Arthur is an affectionate and lovely character however he is very fast so we have a 7+ age limit for encounters. Arthur is too quick to be outdoors so must be only handled indoors.

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We offer adoption + sponsor packs for our Ackies Monitor along with all of our rescue animals giving you an amazing way of supporting their life here at HQ.
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