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Animals looking for a forever home

We obviously cannot keep every animal we rescue and some would really benefit from having a new loving forever home. Each animal we help here at the sanctuary is loved and cared for so we will need to be assured thad that any proposed home home has the same level of commitment to the animals future.

We will insist on seeing a suitable set up for the animal and an understanding of the animals/species needs.


We don't set a rehoming fee but do ask for a donation to help cover costs and help us continue the work of the rescue.

If you are interested in offering any of the on this page a forever home please do get in touch.

Agnes the leopard gecko

Agnes is a beautiful leopard gecko who is estimated to be around 3-5. 


She isn't yet hand tame but with patience this can be achieved.

Please get in touch for more information on Agnes if you feel you can offer her a home.

gecko 1.jpg

Dorothy the leopard gecko

Dorothy is a large confident character who will need a patient owner as she is not yet hand tame.

She is a young gecko and estimated to be under 5 years old.

Please get in touch for more information on Dorothy if you feel you could offer her a home.

gecko 2.jpg

Sammy the Hermann's tortoise

Gorgeous Sammy moved into the sanctuary in 2022 when he was no onger wanted by his previous owner. He is roughly 3 years old and so will need an indoor set up until he is old enough to be outside at 5.

Please make sure you research the needs of a young tortoise and get in touch for more information if you feel you can offer him a home.

Sammy the tortoise.jpeg

Various mice

We have a selection of mice looking for forever homes. Please get in touch if you think you can offer 2 or more a home.

mouse 01.jpg
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