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 A hands-on experience at HQ where you can meet the the rescue animals that call it home 

Visit the Sanctuary

  We are opening the doors to 

 our unique animal sanctuary  

  that we call home  

Our Amazing Animal World is a small animal sanctuary run by ourselves, Mark & Jerry. HQ is a unique creation run from our home which is a 19th century school/church building homing 100+ rescue animals of all different shapes and sizes. Each of these amazing souls live as part of our weird and wonderful family and there are some truly unique characters!


  How do HQ visits work?  

These relaxed visits give you the opportunity to be our special guest here at HQ and see first hand where all the craziness takes place on a day-to-day basis.


We spend the first half of the visit around a large table showing you a selection of the animals here that enjoy interaction including Chinchillas, Hedgehogs, Ferrets, Frogs, Snakes and various Lizards. We then show you around the HQ so you can see the various animals in their enclosures and interact with some such as Guinea Pigs, Tortoise, Rabbits, Parrots, Rats, Lizards and Meerkats. 

We find people don't usually want to leave!


We have a very loud cockatoo called Tiki who does often screech for attention when people are here. This can be VERY loud and so if you or your child finds loud noises stressful this may not be the right environment.

 How long is the visit?  

Each visit can last up to an hour.

 How do I visit?  

HQ visits are slightly different to our other encounters.

 They can be booked in advance but you will need to sign up to become a member/friend of Our Amazing Animal World. You will then receive a monthly newsletter with the available dates for the upcoming weeks. We are unable to book HQ visits in the same way we do with our other encounters as things can change so often with animals here at the sanctuary.


This is a free members group to join and you can leave/unsubscribe at any time. Just enter your email address below and we will add you to the members group and email you as soon as the next set of dates is released. 


Due to the building being very old (and relatively packed with animals) there is sadly not room for wheelchairs sadly. We hope to open a centre one day that can be all inclusive but we currently need to work with what we have.

Please always check your junk mail as newsletters can sometimes end up there!

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What People Say... 

Visited the HQ this morning and had an amazing time. Mark is such an inspiration. Him and Jerry have created a warm, caring and loving home for the 100+ mammals/reptiles they have rescued. We were in awe of the knowledge Mark had of them and their stories, some heartbreaking of where each one had come from. Feel privileged to have been to see them and their individual homes. Thank you Mark. Will be supporting you in the future.

 Carolyn Bassindale 


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