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We are extremely grateful for any support to help give these amazing animals the life they truly deserve


  We have been offering a home to un-wanted and un-loved animals for many years now and currently are in the care of over 100+ rescue animals.  

We don't receive any funding and so are it work by offering a unique, interactive experience for children & adults with some of the rescue animals to raise enough money to maintain the animals in a healthy, loving environment. 

Why help? 

We are looking to raise money to help support the 100+ Rscue Animals living here at the sanctuary. 


For us this is 24/7 - 365 days a year with no days off or holidays - the animals are our life and everything is for them. We don't have other jobs to help fund everything so this for us is everything. It has has always been about our 3 main goals:

Giving the unwanted & unloved animals a forever home in a suitable, healthy & loving environment. 

Educating in a non judgemental, fun & memorable way while conveying the serious message of animal welfare and the promotion of 'rescue' over 'breeding' and inspiring the young animal carers of the future.

Making people smile and give animal assisted therapy to those in need.


Different ways to help: 

There are various ways to help and these are to donate via our crowd funding page (one of or regular donations are all amazing!), buy an animal or species something from their Amazon Wishlist or check out some of our handmade items in out Etsy shop.

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You can donate any via our CrowdFunding page. Every single penny helps.

Amazon Wishlist

We have items on our Amazon Wishlist to help the animals here.

Sponsor an Animal

You can sponsor/adopt any animal and receive a pack about them

Our Shop

We have an online shop where you can buy items relating to the animals.

  other areas of interest  

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