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Throughout the Summer holidays we have various dates with different animals originating from Asia, Europe, Africa, The Americas and Australasia. – see below. 

Two handlers will be present at each session to keep everyone entertained and ensure children and the animals are safe and happy. 

This event is suitable for all children over 3 years.

Our morning sessions are aimed at the under 7’s and the afternoon sessions aimed at the over 7’s. You are welcome to book any of the sessions but need to be mindful that the sessions will be tailored to these different age groups.

Tickets cost £9.99 each.

A session lasts 45-60 minutes.

Please note: Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.



Lewes Rd, Scaynes Hill
West Sussex, RH17 7NG

01444 831311

Which animals on which date?

We will be going around the world this summer with different animals from each continent so make sure you book the session with the animals that interest you the most! Or why not book them all!


Pygmy hedgehog, Duprasi or Lesser Tenrec, Bull Frog, Panther Chameleon, Royal Python, Giant Land Snail or Giant Millipede.

Tue 30 July

The Americas & Australasia

Guinea Pig, Chinchilla, Argentine Tegu, Corn Snake, Crested Gecko, Bearded Dragon.

Wed 31 July

Asia & Europe

Fancy Mouse, Dumbo Rat, Rabbit, Tortoise, Leopard Gecko, Blue Tongue Skink.

Thu 1st Aug

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