Here is a little video showing one of our birthday events





How does it work?

You book the encounter with us, invite your friends and we will give them a password to join in the group video chat. You will all be able to see each other, interact with us, and each other, all while we show you the animals and give you some fun facts.

Encounter Duration: Up to 30-40 minutes.

Guests: Invite up to 15 households to join us in meeting and learning about some of our animals. 

(Higher numbers can be arranged so ask us about this.)

Animals: You choose 8 animals from our website which we will show you and tell you fun facts and how they came to live here at the Sanctuary

Birthdays: If it is your birthday we will get everyone to join in to sing Happy Birthday!


ZOOM is a free app you can download to any phone, tablet or computer which enables you to video chat with multiple people at the same time so everyone can see each other. 

Everyone is involved

With everyone online at the same time you can all join in this unique educational + fun experience! 


We have launched ZOOM ANIMAL ENCOUNTERS as a

unique way to give children the chance to still have

an amazing animal party during lockdown

ZOOM Animal Encounters



With Covid-19 making usual get togethers difficult we decided to launch a unique way for children to be able to meet up with their friends and enjoy the animals while keeping safe at home in isolation.

What is a