adoption packs

Who can resist the cute face of this beautiful African Pygmy Hedgehog?

tiki the cockatoo

who will you adopt?

What she lacks in size and a tail this fuzzy girl makes up for with a huge character.

jeff the red iguana

oscar the chocolate skunk

This scale beauty is ready to be adopted...and what an amazing adoption he is!.

William the Python

Fluffy, friendly and oh so cute. This chocolate coloured cutie is truly amazing, if a little smelly.

mika the tail-less meerkat


We have lots of rescue animals, some small, some weird but all of them amazing. With your support we can continue to make their lives even better.

Completely crazy but totally amazing in equal measure - Tiki is the hardest rescue we have ever taken on.



visit to

HQ for 2

Please allow 14 days for your package to arrive.

Please note the VIP visit is for 2 people on a weekday

The gentle giant is our largest animal and one who commands the attention of anyone he meets.

£75 per adoption


• Adoption of that animal for 1 year

• Gift Box

• Soft toy of your adopted animal

• Thank you letter from us
• Information cards of your adopted animal species
• Personal adoption certificate

• 4 digitally sent photographs sent throughout the year to your email

• Personal video message from your adopted pet sent to your phone.

Free VIP weekday visit for 2 people to Our Amazing Animal World HQ where you can meet your adopted animal and some of the other characters living here and take some selfies with some of our rescue animals


adoption pack