We wanted to create some unique, bespoke items for you to buy as gifts for yourself or others while supporting the sanctuary at the same time.

100% of the money made on the sale of each item goes back to the animals for everything they need day-to-day.

Everything is listed on our Etsy Shop.


Original Animal Art​​

These unique creations have been made with the animals enjoying some enrichment with a difference. We sourced non-toxic paint and let the animals go play in the paint with us helping them get some of it on the canvases.

These are all one off creations and make the perfect gift for yourself or others.




We have designed and created a set of our animals as button badges. Each badge is 32mm and gives you the opportunity to display some of our most popular animals on your clothes!

Original Animal Art​​

This unique mug is decorated with our logo featuring some of our animals along with a bright green handle and insides.

Start the day in a good mood with this mug that supports beautiful animals.

We have created some bespoke, handmade items that we sell online as a way to create extra income to support the animals here at the animal sanctuary.