Your handlers:

Each event will include 1-2 handlers depending on

the size of the party and number of guests/animals.

Either Mark or Jerry will be at each event.

Your venue:

This can be indoors or outdoors (in the warmer Summer months). When indoors please make sure there is room for the handlers, animals and all of your guests. Outdoors is fine in the warm Summer months but please check the weather with us before hand and you must provide a cool shaded area for the animals and handlers (which I am sure your guests will be thankful too!)

Outdoor events MUST be in a secure private location and not in public parks or anywhere with uncontrolled public access.

Your event:

We will ask the children to sit in a circle, if possible, so the handlers have enough room to show each animal in a calm and comfortable environment. We provide blankets for laps and anti bacterial hand gel but also ask the guests to thoroughly wash their hands at the end of the animal encounter too. We also request that all food is kept away while the animals are out along with distracting party elements such as balloons and toys.

Each session will begin with an introduction to Our Amazing Animal World  and what we do along with our rules and safety aspects. Our sessions are fully interactive and we always welcome adult involvement so please allow space for those who would like to be involved!


These are welcome but we ask that you check with other parents before posting on social media... and obviously if you can make us look young and fabulous that would be amazing!


A LITTLE HELP FROM US ON YOUR animal choices..

We find a successful animal party consists

of the following:

Starting with a familiar animal like a Rabbit or Guinea Pig will help the children relax and gain confidence for the more unusual animals.

Skinny Pigs, Chinchillas and Hedgehogs are great near the beginning as they are full on sensory animals and cute, calm animals that will keep the children interested whilst not being too daunting for those nervous children.

The Mini beasts such as Millipedes and Snails are great for creating a reaction but remember to have plenty of cuteness too so as to balance out for those who may be squeamish.

Lizards are always hugely popular and the Chameleons are a huge crowd-pleaser. Our Geckos and Bearded Dragons are amazing friendly animals who will happily sit on laps for

stroking and cuddles.

The Snake is a great way to end a party... if a person has a phobia or fear we suggest asking them to leave the room so the rest of the guests can enjoy holding a snake. We find it is the one animals that guests ALWAYS want to see!

These are just our suggestions and ultimately it is your experience but try to remember that if you have guests
coming their tastes may differ to yours so always select a good balance of animals.

If an animal is poorly or unsociable on the day of your party they will be replaced with a character within the same breed or similar.

Lastly remember to enjoy and have an amazing time!

We ask that you PLEASE RESPECT THE AGE LIMITS  and GROUP SIZES  where indicated as these are designed for both your safety and that of the animals.

Child numbers are based on any children

aged 1-16 attending any party


educational &





We charge 80p per mile from RH17 with the
first 10 miles absolutely free!

We love to help create amazing memories and have put together some bespoke packages for you!

We have carefully designed a range of party packages to

suit all types of celebrations both large and small.

PARTY guide

Use our simple MENU below by clicking

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