Our Amazing Animal World

Scaynes Hill RH17

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Our little sanctuary is something we are hugely proud of and something we work extremely hard at keeping to a high standard for all our amazing rescue residents.

our amazing

animal sanctuary

Starting this journey is, and always has been, been about helping animals in a self supporting way that benefits everyone. We wanted to help animals but also educate people about the importance of animal care and welfare but in a fun way that engages an audience instead of lecturing.

With no children of our own we wanted to open our doors and offer a forever home  to unloved/unwanted animals giving them the love and security they need. We currently have over 100+ rescue animals in our care and each of these live with us as part of our family in our home. Obviously this kind of operation requires a lot of funding which we usually create by bringing a small selection of the animals out to all different types of workshops and events. 

Caring for such a large menagerie is a huge amount of work and we don't have other jobs and lives - this is it for us and supporting the animals is our life 
which ultimately means no days off, no holidays and no social life - the animals become your life and take up every part of it but honestly we wouldn't have it any other way (although a holiday does sound lovely!)

We hope you enjoy following our adventures on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube and we also hope that we get to meet you in person too.