Pet Boarding



With restrictions lifting we have been visiting lots of different schools introducing all ages to our amazing animals and learning about different subjects linked to the curriculum.

These photos were taken by teachers during our visit to Langton Green Primary School where we had animal encounters with two Reception classes, two Year 1 classes and two Year 2.

These are booking up fast!

Each month we will be holding a spotlight over one of our animals to tell you more about that character and their jouney with us. This month is....

Well how could we say no to this little face with a huge personality?!

We had been on the lookout for a male meerkat for the past 2 years after it became impossible to have Louie living with Bonnie & Mika due to rivalry. When this little boy needed a forever home we jumped at it and any initial fears of him being shy and unconfident soon disappeared as he mopped into the furry dictator! 

We are slowly introducing him to Louie and not taking any risks.

With everyone finally being allowed to consider holidays again we are re-launching our unique small pet boarding service. 

We understand how important it is to know that your pets are lovingly cared for while you're away. We will treat them with the care & attention they are used to receiving at home. This will include plenty of exercise and enrichment activities to ensure they're happy and healthy during their stay with us.

We have had a few new arrivals in the last few weeks so we wanted to properly introduce you to them.

We are back visiting Care Homes!

We are so excited to be back at a Care Home this month as it is something we have really missed during the past year.

"The smiles say it all. We were absolutely delighted to welcome back Our Amazing Animal World. Animals have such a wonderful effect on people, we love every minute with them."

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Mark & Jerry 


Hello everyone! We can't quite believe we are already into June!

​Bookings for Parties, Care Homes and Schools have been flooding in which is amazing and means we can start paying back all the financial help we required during the lockdowns. 

We have loved coming out to see everyone again and it is always amazing seeing the reactions to our amazing animals.

Janice & Sheila
These 2 female budgies joined us recently and moved in with Alexa & Ralph. They all seem very happy together and are certainly some of the more vocal characters here at the sanctuary.

​We believed at first that Sheila was a boy but the colouring has changed quite a bit revealing she is definitely a girl.


We have an online shop with items handmade by us along with some printed items too that will help with bringing in extra funds to the sanctuary especially in these difficult times.

Mark has a background in Graphic Design so he has really enjoyed putting together some personalised prints, word art cards, candles, garden stones and there is also a collaboration with our friend Paula who has created some unique Louie the Meerkat teddies.

his bedroom..
Oscar is a boy who loves sleeping and snuggling so we made sure there was plenty of space for him in his bespoke bedroom with lots of enrichment and places to kick back and relax.

Agnes & Vera
These 2 beautiful Leopard Geckos joined the family here at the sanctuary earlier this month.

We were asked to have them by a lovely lady who’s son had helped them after a family didn’t want them anymore but were worried they were not eating properly or receiving the right care.

They have both settled in beautifully and seem very happy to be here so we look forward seeing how their journey develops.


We are absolutely thrilled to be back visiting so many of you with our amazing rescue animals.

It is always so brilliant to help create amazing memories for you so please do check out our different services to see what would suit you!

Please be aware that all dates are becoming very booked up extremely quickly with the loosening of restrictions so we advise to get dates booked in ASAP.

Oscar the Champagne Skunk
This big character arrived in 2019 after a lot of thought and deliberation. We were contacted by his previous owner due to him becoming  very aggressive and unhappy. We had reservations that we maybe wouldn't have enough time to dedicate to him but after a lot of conversations and soul searching we decided to offer Oscar a home here with us.

After quite a big build up we were very surprised and relieved to see that Oscar relaxed as soon as he moved in to HQ. There was no aggression or biting which had been the issue with his former owner and he has stayed relaxed and chilled ever since.