makING a difference 


Our Initiative:

​We recently read a story about an elderly lady whose situation inspired us to start up our Local Friends initiative to try and make a difference in our community.

The piece was about a lady whose husband had passed away and had no surviving relatives or children of her own. She was very able and therefore not in need of any physical help but sadly she lacked the confidence to venture far from the safety of home and too unsure to join local clubs or events and so her life had become a solitary one where she sat alone almost all of the time hoping someone would just call or pop in.
This utterly broke our hearts. Having had a life blessed with amazing family and friends we feel we want to make a difference to at least one persons life and so we have launched our Local Friends initiative where we offer a completely free local service where Mark will drop by with a couple of animals for a cuppa, a chat and an animal cuddle.

If you know someone who would benefit from this free local opportunity then please message us through the website or Facebook page or give us a call and tell us a little about them.