Thank you, Mark & Jerry


Our Amazing Animal World  have offered a home to

over 100 rescue animals over many years.

We are not an animal sanctuary nor do we receive any funding to build/maintain enclosures etc but instead offer a unique and fully interactive experience for both children and adults with a small number of the rescue animals to raise money to maintain the animals in a healthy, loving environment. This has always been fully funded by ourselves which is why we don't take time off or ever have a holiday.

Why donate? Looking after so many animals can be extremely expensive but more so is the building and upkeep of the enclosures so we are looking to raise money to assist in the building of new enclosures for our Meerkats, Guinea Pigs & Chickens along with updated enclosures for the Rabbits, Chinchillas and Hamsters. We would also like to replace some exisitng reptile enclosures as well as carry out repairs and general upkeep on many of the other existing enclosures.


of over £100

will entitle you to

a free visit for 2

to HQ to visit

the animals

We have lots of rescue animals, some small, some weird but all of them amazing. With your support we can continue to make their lives even better.

We are raising money  to assist with the building and up-keep of the many animal enclosures