Why donate? 

For us this is 24/7 - 365 days a year with no days off or holidays - the animals are our life and everything is for them. We don't have other jobs to help fund everything so this for us is everything. It has has always been about our 3 main goals:

• Giving the unwanted & unloved animals a forever home in a suitable, healthy & loving environment. 

• Educating in a non judgemental, fun & memorable way while conveying the serious message of animal welfare and the promotion of 'rescue' over 'breeding' and inspiring the young animal carers of the future.

• Making people smile and give animal assisted therapy to those in need.

With Covid looking like it is here for the immediate future we still need to support our 100+ animals and these costs run into the thousands each month with food, electricity for all the enclosures, rent on the land, vet bills, enrichment, animal insurance...the list goes on.

We have over 100+ rescue animals here at the sanctuary and with your support we can continue to make their lives even better.


& donate

​​Thank you, Mark & Jerry