Who is this for?

In our free time we like to visit special individuals that can benefit from an amazing animal cuddle. We do this as part of our
‘Help Someone Smile Today’ initiative.

Over the past few years of working with our animals we have met a number of special individuals who, for various reasons, we felt deserved a special animal cuddle like no other. Children & adults with life limiting conditions and indiviuals who are unable to leave their surroundings to enjoy animals in a zoo etc are just some of the amazing people that we have given these completely

free experiences too.

This is something that we do in our spare time and therefore can

only create a limited number of visits per year due to the large number of rescue animals we have in our care that need

constant care and attention.

If you know of somone that you felt could benefit from an animal cuddle to help make them smile today then please do get in touch with a message via the 'contact us' section.