Sadly, most of us will experience bullying at some point in our lives, 
​whether this is at school or the work place, or even from friends and family. We all know how hurtful and soul-destroying bullying can be, how it can destroy our happiness and self-confidence, and even ruin our lives. 


There really is no excuse for bullying behaviour of any kind. Having experienced online bullying ourselves from a nasty rival animal-encounter business, we decided not to give in and let these bullies win. Instead, we would like to take a stand against all bullies everywhere. For this reason, we were pleased to announce the launch of 

Our Amazing Animal World

Anti-Bullying Initiative. 

Bullying is just as prolific in the animal kingdom as our human world. In fact, in the natural world, bullying can be very severe indeed, resulting in death for many creatures. We need to remember, though, that animals “bully” each other by instinct over food, territory, or mates, but humans have a moral choice as to how they treat their fellow human beings. Our new anti-bullying initiative will see us visit schools, colleges and clubs to talk to children about the types of bullying that take place in the animal kingdom and also in their own lives. At the same time, the children will have the opportunity to meet some amazing animals that have been affected by bullying ​in some way – some have visible scars, others ​missing limbs, etc. 

Our aim is to give the children an unforgettable experience, with a serious message.

This can be combined with our other visits so if you would like us to discuss this please talk to us prior to the visit.