Live Stream Q&A

These live sessions give you the unique opportunity to interact directly with us and the animals asking all those burning questions you have.

Behind the Scenes

There are also daily updates from 'life in the sanctuary' with behind the scenes photos, live- streams (such as the live steam here of the Monitor lizards bath time) and videos giving you a unique insight into living with over 100 animals.


These are accompanied by fun, educational work sheets that are emailed to you.


Also included: 

Our new Advanced Newsletter will be emailed to you monthly keeping you up to date on what we are doing.

You will receive early information on upcoming events and attractions that we are attending.

What does Animal 

Club include?

PLUS your monthly subscription also 

​Sponsors an Animal of your choice: 

With this monthly donation you are sponsoring an animal of your choice and will receive a thank you email from them.This money goes towards everything that he or she will need including food, vet care, enrichment and all other costs involved.

Animal Club is £15

per month, per household 

which you pay via our JustGiving. 

All you need to do is set up a monthly subscription on our JustGiving page and let us know so we can accept you into the Private Facebook Group. If you would prefer to do this by BankTransfer this is possible and just message us through the CONTACT PAGE here on the website to set this up.

Unique, Educational Family Fun!  

Join us as we introduce over 100 different rescue animals from our sanctuary to audiences around the worldvia an online kids club, filled with educational and fun activities for children that the whole family can enjoy together.   

Each week, access live streaming sessions where you will get to meet the animals, learn about their indigenous habitat, diet and predators.  Viewers get behind the scenes access and daily updates from “life in the sanctuary”, giving them unique insight into what it’s like living with and caring for over 100 rescue animals.  

Every live streaming session is accompanied with fun, educational worksheets for children to complete.

With over 2 hours a week of activities, the Animal Club by Our Amazing Animal World will keep your children entertained and learning every week.  

We have launched Animal Club as a unique

After School Kids Clubto include educational and fun kids activities that the whole family can enjoy together

Animal Focus

Each week we focus on a new animal species and these are introduced with an educational video discussing all the aspects of that particular animal's life including natural habitat, diet, predators and how they were introduced to Our Amazing Animal World. Each video is uploaded into  the private group so you can access on any social media device.