This is your opportunity to buy a Special CHRISTMAS MEAL for one or more of our 100+ rescue animals. Each meal costs £4 and we will send you a picture of your chosen animal eating their yummy meal. These will be sent in a message but can be sent via email or Text so please include this information with your order.

Each meal is £4


BAAAH HUMBUG just take me to the normal website 

The jingle bells have started and somewhere they are defrosting Mariah Carey ready to start belting out those Christmas classics.

We are looking to raise money which will go towards supporting our 100+ Rescue Animals here at the sanctuary. Neither of us have other jobs or careers - the animals and the sanctuary is our life and with Covid meant is taking on personal loans etc.

For us this is 24/7 - 365 days a year with no days off or holidays - the animals are our life and everything is for them. We don't have other jobs to help fund everything so this for us is everything. It has has always been about our 3 main goals:

Giving the unwanted & unloved animals a forever home in a suitable, healthy & loving environment. 

Educating in a non judgemental, fun & memorable way while conveying the serious message of animal welfare and the promotion of 'rescue' over 'breeding' and inspiring the young animal carers of the future.

Making people smile and give animal assisted therapy to those in need.






This time of year is a very tough time for animal sanctuaries.  With the cold weather the heating bills are huge, a lot of extra food and bedding is required and animal encounters are much fewer while people concentrate on Christmas.

BUT there are ways to help and we have exciting ways for you to get involved.


We have a large selection of items on our Amazon Wishlist with a large range of prices. You can buy an animal a gift and we will send you a photo of them receiving it. There is everything from Dog toys for the Dogs, Ferrets and Meerkats. Chew items and treats for the Rabbits Guinea Pigs, Rats, Chinchillas and Mice and so on...